Successful country - it is peaceful and united Ukraine.

It is a strong state, where the force of law is always higher than the right of use of force. It is the path that we choose.

Prosperous Economy. Work places for all people, who are ready to work. Fair taxes. New technologies.

Affordable and high-quality healthcare and education. Confidence in future of our children. Decent and quiet retirement for our parents. Respect for history, traditions of generations and spiritual values.

We have united in order to take Ukraine closer to success!

We support progressive systematic reforms, not revolutions. We advocate for professionalism, not populism. For a new quality of national policy, namely, competition of ideas, not the "buckwheat".

We believe that development of national economy, injection of innovations and increasing of the wealth of the country should take place via open competition, fair tax legislation, transparent and equal rules of the game. We are against the oligarchic monopolies, but for support of private enterprise, small and medium-sized business.

We believe that success of the country - is in success of its citizens. Opportunities for self-realization in our own country. The country, where the history and traditions are respected, Christian moral and spiritual values are complied. In particular, it comes about mutual respect, trust, responsibility, goodness, forgiveness and, of course, a simple sincere love for the country and its people.

We are open to all, who share our aspirations and wants to make Ukraine successful.


We are looking for those, for whom patriotism – it is not just loud words, but specific actions.

We are open for those, who share our idea of successful Ukraine and believe that fate of our country, our families and our own – are in our hands.



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