From chaos - to order, from order - to success!



Nowadays, unfortunately, Ukrainian state is weak as it never was before. We have to restore respect for the law and legislation, to strengthen the authority of the public institutes, bring back order to our country in order to overcome the chaos, which has covered it.

While we are playing by externally imposed rules and to be controlled by non-professional populists, who hide the interests of oligarchs, Ukraine will remain a "fragile" state. Ukraine should be managed by the professional public managers, rather than populist politicians and foreign expats with a dubious reputation. We must provide an opportunity to make strategic decisions for Ukraine by the hands of the Ukrainians themselves!

We insist on the need for a new electoral legislation with transition to a proportional system with open lists, which will reflect the interests of citizens (not just political groups and oligarchs). It will strengthen the responsibility of MPs before the citizens and territorial communities via implementing mechanisms of recalling deputies. We demand early parliamentary elections due to law efficiency of current Parliament.

We have to restore respect for the Constitution and the Law. Laws should not always be reviewed. It should not be adopted exclusively for the private interests of individual politicians and oligarchs. Legislation should be adopted for the sake of the interests of Ukrainian citizens. It is necessary to implement control over its injection and punishment in case of avoiding fulfilling it - from the President to the ordinary citizen.

Local authorities should be truly independent - not in words. Regions should obtain not only the powers for independent resolving of issues (at local level), but also to create an economic basis and appropriate tax foundation. It is necessary to implement a mechanism of electing governors. In such cases people in the regions can determine, who will solve their regional problems and take responsibility for it.

Ukraine requires judicial reform to ensure its independence from political influence. It will provide citizens with opportunities to exercise their right to justice. All judicial appointments should be made on the basis of transparent competition. An institute of jury, which exists de jure, should be fully implemented.

In order to restore security and the rule of law we need systemic reforms of law enforcement agencies (police, Security Service of Ukraine, Prosecutor's Office), rejection of inane lustration of experienced professionals.

We have to implement the principle of zero tolerance to corruption into government system, into consciousness of every Ukrainian. We should make sure that future generations will be steadfast in this principle. It is necessary to implement large-scaled anti-corruption strategy, which is based on the most successful international practices. Moreover, it should also include electronization and automation of processes in public services field; transparency of the process of declaring officials of their incomes; implementation and compliance with strategy concerning regulating of the conflict of interests; strengthening the criminal prosecution of people, who were implicated in corruption; implementation of anti-corruption education program. We believe that corruption can not be eradicated by loud slogans and lustration. Struggling against corruption is possible by eliminating its causes - economic development, automatization of all processes and reduction of the role of human factor, electronic services and remote control.

The power of the State will be supported by a strong civil society and independent professional media, which, should not replace the State in its functions. Support of civil engagement, involvement of volunteers and patrons to solution of social problems, constant control over the authorities by citizens' associations and expert communities via open discussion on all issues. It comes about ensuring freedom of speech and prevention of censorship, protection of the journalists' rights. Limitation of regulatory functions of the State on the media market, promotion of the development of the media as a business project.




Restoring peace in Ukraine is our primary goal. We are principled: The existing conflict in Donbas can not be military resolved. In addition, we should prevent it from freezing for many decades.

Recognition of the value of human life and respect for the rights of each other should be the basis of peaceful settlement of the conflict. Our cultural, religious, political diversity should not be a reason for conflict, and national wealth.

We support the Minsk process. However, we believe that the fate of Ukraine should be solved in our country. We have to remember that in Donbas there are ordinary Ukrainian citizens. That is why the reconciliation plot should be born in Ukraine - through an intensive stable dialogue between Ukrainians, who have stayed on different sides of demarcation line. We need a mechanism, which is focused not on the contradictions, but on possible areas of cooperation. The Committee of Truth and Reconciliation should be like this.

We must create the conditions for economic and humanitarian reintegration of Donbas, lift the economic blockade of the region and renew social benefits to its residents. In addition, social protection should be provided. We should create conditions for adaptation into local communities of those residents of the region, who have decided to leave Donbas and are not ready to come back.

We have to combine the energy of volunteers, possibilities of Ukrainian experts, potential of current and future leaders – and to address all creative energy for the sake of termination of the senseless war and restoring Donbas. Successful Ukraine is impossible without it.

We strongly believe that Ukraine should be non-aligned and neutral state today and in future. Ukraine's accession to NATO seems to be inappropriate in current situation, because it will lead to aggravation of the conflict (not to peace).

Our foreign policy must be pragmatic and multi-vector. Successful country can not have eternal allies and permanent enemies. Only our national interests should be unchanged. We must proceed our cooperation with the EU. In addition, we have to find a new, format without conflicts of relations with Russia. Its economic and cultural ties have been forming for centuries of historical event.




We should not be guided by emotions during economic decision-making process. We have to become pragmatic and rely on national interests. The main driver of growth and development of Ukrainian economy is not loans, but investments and internal resources. It should be understood that the external creditors will not provide us with success template. They are interested in returning of these funds in loans, but not in development of our economy.
That is why our primary goal should be developing of our own high-quality production and saturation of the domestic market with Ukrainian goods, forming a foundation for high-tech exports. If we keep adherence to free market and competition, we advocate for protectionism of key sectors of the economy, preservation from foreign markets in order to develop our own national production.

We should determine points of growth for our economy and provide it with maximal protection and state support. It comes about such industries, which launch a spiral of economic growth and social development, create vacancies. First of all, it is mechanical engineering and precision engineering, military-industrial complex, pharmacology and medical engineering, construction of residential real estate and infrastructure objects, agricultural industry.
Innovations should become the main tool for optimizing the national economy. Such scientific knowledge and its embodiment in technologies are the main sources of wealth and power. It is necessary to ensure public support for innovative start-ups for small and medium-sized business; work out and launch the systematic long-term program on stimulating industrial and agricultural enterprises in modernization of production, introduction of innovative and energy saving technologies.

Ukrainian economy should be refocusing from monopolistic and oligarchic to the free market economy. Our goal - is promotion of fair competition and creation of equal opportunities for all market participants. Public tenders should be transparent and become a stimulus for economic development (not the drag). The entrepreneur must be provided with accessible and reliable tools of protection their rights in judicial and law enforcement systems.
In order to attract long-term investments, it is necessary to implement a comprehensive program on reducing the interference of regulatory bodies in private business, simplification of licensing procedures, facilitation of doing business and improvement of the investment climate.
Development of the economy will lead to stabilization of the national currency and, consequently, the price of goods, medicine, fuel. Such course of events will help Ukrainians to plan their family budget and their future.




All Ukrainian citizens have the right to fair taxes, tariffs, prices and decent life for themselves and their children. It should be created favourable and stable tax environment for Ukrainian businessmen. Moreover, we should ensure available credit programs, reducing the bureaucracy and elimination of administrative chaos. Business should obtain simple and fast public services without government interference in its operation. It comes about easy credits, simple taxes, minimal bureaucracy.

We believe that business, which produces national product and services (it does not come about reselling of imported goods in domestic market), should be provided with prior state assistance. Development of small and medium-sized business will improve the quality of services, create decent competition in public health field, education and other sectors.

Transparent, stable and, the most important, equal rules and regulations should be created in tax area. Our priorities - are fair system of taxation; inventory and cutting of unjustified tax privileges to big business and financial-industrial groups; transparent VAT refund; rejection of the payment of income tax in advance; reducing the burden on wages; increasing the responsibility of the tax authorities.

Nowadays, the tax burden on ordinary citizens and entrepreneurs is increasing every day. Meanwhile, each year oligarchs are withdrawing almost a third of Ukrainian budget in the offshores. Ukraine is actually shared and withdrawn in pieces to the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus and Panama. It is a collusion of politicians and oligarchs. All these people are from the one system. They will never change it by themselves.

It is necessary to transfer the tax burden from ordinary citizens to the oligarchs, launch the transfer pricing mechanisms, which were worked out in 2013 (however, it was put off due to pressure from the oligarchs). Ukraine should become a country, which will not only be invested. It should be a link, which will invest in other countries. A profit point must be located in Ukraine!




Ukraine should become a comfortable state for the citizens. Social guarantees should not be overestimated.  However, citizens must be fully provided with all promises of the state. Basic level of health and education should be free. Care, protection and promotion of the right to a decent life for the elderly are the absolute criteria of successful state.

However, the state must not only resolve the problems of socially vulnerable categories of citizens, but to eliminate the causes of these problems. State social policy should be aimed at reducing the income inequality.

During the last year the cost of housing and utilities has increased rapidly, became unbearable burden for the majority families in Ukraine. At the same time, the quality of these services is still at the same poor level (as it was a decade ago, or even worse).

Subsidies – are not the solution. It is just a postponement. In order to improve the quality of housing, utilities and reduce its cost, it is necessary to revise the formula of formation of tariffs for housing and utility services (not at the expense of consumers) and, the most important, the transparency of the process. It should be created incentives for enterprises in utilities field for the gradual modernization of the equipment, transition to alternative fuels and energy saving technologies;

Affordable housing. High cost of housing, factual absence of mortgage lending and the lack of protection of renters lead to the fact that plethora families in Ukraine (especially young people) are deprived of their own homes and prospects of its acquiring. In order to resolve this problem, we must define housing as a priority sector of Ukrainian economy and apply the mechanisms of public-private partnership in the construction of housing. Funding of housing programs for youth, representatives of science, culture, education should be renovated.
Well-deserved retirement.

Nowadays, pension reform is frozen due to the deficiency of the Pension Fund budget. It does not allow increasing extremely low level of pensions. We initiate reboot of the pension reform, with a gradual transition from the joint to accumulative pension system. It will eliminate the pension fund deficit and can increase pensions. At the same time, such course of events can lead to reducing the retirement age to 55 years for women.

It is also necessary to resume social payments in case of birth of children, assistance to single mothers and other socially vulnerable categories of citizens; preservation of social package for employees in public sector.

In order to provide quality healthcare to Ukrainians, it is necessary to inject medical system reform that includes raising the level of qualification of doctors and implementation of telemedicine; creation of a unified medical database; reduction of drug prices with the help of government regulation, subsidies to domestic producers of social medicine.

We must create a system of state support for medical research, funding the innovation among local pharmacists. In future it comes about the transition of medicine to market conditions, introduction of free and paid services in hospital; encouragement of the development of private medical clinics, more active involvement of small and medium-sized business in medical field.

Environmental Safety. Formation of an independent system of environmental control. Increasing the responsibility of enterprises for violation of environmental provisions; strengthening control over the work of the polygons of household waste and liquidation of unauthorized dumps in the regions. Public control over the targeted use of funds from the payment of the environmental tax by enterprises.




Success of each successful country - it is an opportunity to realize yourself in your favourite field, obtain decent and fair wages, ensure the comfort and safety of your family, bring up their children with confidence in their future success. Success of the country - is in successes of its citizens.

A human capital should be the main driver of the innovation economy. Science, education, infrastructure - are the foundation of a new type of economy, basic conditions of the state modernization.

 School education of our children should be free and qualitative. It is necessary to return the prestige of higher education in Ukraine, to ensure the quality of education via the integration of Ukrainian education programs and international one. Professional standards of the higher education should be integrated on request of innovative economy.

The state must provide each citizen with the opportunity to use social elevator, depending on their desires, abilities and needs. Synergy of the labour market and education opportunities, close cooperation and coordination between employers and higher education institutions, participation of private business in formation of the request on the experts will result in refocus of the education system according to modern professional standards and practices. In its turn, it will provide a new generation of Ukrainians with opportunities for self-realization and relevance of their professions.

State program in the field of science development should include restoring the relationship between science and economy, investment, strategy, security and sovereignty of the state. It is necessary to return science to the universities, to support the creation of research laboratories with targeted funding and the right to conclude contracts on conducting research directly with private enterprises. The state should provide necessary assistance to Ukrainian scientists for the integration into the international scientific community; encourage private businesses to support the development of domestic science.




We believe that without spiritual priorities, family and religion, without keeping human qualities, universal moral laws in society, no economic and technological development of society can fill a spiritual vacuum in human heart.

Love your neighbour and forgiveness – are traditional Christian values, which should be considered to be laws in our society. Ukrainians should become an instance of peaceful coexistence of cultures, customs and religions of different people on the same land.

We perceive Ukraine as a united state in a variety of different cultural traditions of the historical regions. Our goal – is to contribute to the preservation and development of cultural and historical traditions, common spiritual heritage as a basis for consolidation (not separation) of Ukraine. Respect for historical heritage should become a foundation for peaceful and successful future, but not a reason for new conflicts.