7 steps of success

Let's restore Ukrainian statehood and strengthen spiritual unity of the country!


  • We will stop the war and bring peace back to the country with the help of international community. The Ukrainian people - are all, who have Ukrainian passport. We will implement new ideological policy and facilitate the integration of IDPs and reintegration of Donbas.
    System changes are impossible during the war. The first prompt step – is termination of military actions and creation a strategy for development of the state, which provides returning of the territories in the East. We are able to carry out it with the help of international community. We will work out a strategy for integration and reintegration of IDPs, revival of Donbas. We will develop and implement new ideological policy aimed at strengthening the unity of our country.
  • We will comprehensively strengthen Ukrainian statehood. Successful country – it is a strong power, which was chosen directly by communities, as well as updated law enforcement agencies.
    The second step should be restoration and strengthening of Ukrainian state. We will achieve it via a reform of all branches of power: heads of regions and judges should be elected by local communities, the number of the MPs of the Verkhovna Rada should be reduced, the immunity of judges and deputies should be limited. Only professionals will work in law enforcement agencies. Moreover, their activities will be controlled by communities.
  • We will facilitate the integration inside the state. Ukraine - it is a united country with a diversity of cultural traditions of various historical areas. Common history, spiritual values and striving for better future should be a guide towards a successful country.
    The third step - is the strengthening of Ukrainian unity. We should legally restrict the contrasting various historical areas with each other. We will comprehensively facilitate the development of its historical and cultural traditions as different ways of preserving and elaboration of the glorious history and common spiritual heritage. We will unite Ukraine around the dream of a successful country for future generations.
  • We will revive historical heritage of Ukraine! Valiant past – it is aconcentration of Ukrainian identity and guarantee of competitiveness in the global arena.
    We will rebuild from the ruins the testimony of the glorious Ukrainian past. Monuments of the past, neat old towns and villages will allow Ukrainians to feel themselves as the heirs of a great culture. It will strengthen historical memory, self-esteem and investment attractiveness of our country in the global arena, increase its potential in the world competition.
  • We will strengthen the economy via developing of domestic market, small and medium-sized business. Modernization of enterprises, energy efficiency and energy independence, support of high-tech industries, "green energy" will create new jobs and raise standards of living.
    Simultaneously with the prompt steps on reviving Ukrainian spirituality, we will strengthen the economy of the country. We will define and support development of locomotives industries, we will stop raiding. We will comprehensively facilitate the development of small and medium-sized business, the expansion of domestic market, modernization of production, increasing energy independence. It will allow to reduce unemployment (threefold), increase the number of jobs by 10-15% and raise domestic GDP by 8-10%
  • We will offer new standards in education and medicine. Great state support ofteachers and doctors will increase the prestige of their work and facilitate the formation of a new generation of Ukrainians, who are conscious and are able to build successful future.
    The sixth step - is revival of the prestige of professions of those people, who directly creates our future. Dignity and love for our state starts with respect for the teacher and education. Development of the nation is impossible without the formation of mental and physical health of Ukrainian generation. Secondary education must be accompanied by patriotic education and promotion of healthy lifestyle.
  • We will implement multi-vector foreign policy. A moratorium on accession to military blocs will remove the tension in confrontation between the world and regional leaders.
    The country's development is impossible without a clear and wise foreign policy. The seventh step is aimed at strengthening of international authority of Ukraine in order to avoid exacerbations related to use of our state in the wrong games. We will develop and implement multi-vector relations with the US, EU, Russia, China and regional leaders of the global world. We will comprehensively help in transforming Ukraine into an independent subject of international relations.
Program of the party Manifesto